projection / execution interior design and landscaping

Ambient Design

Even from the first date, our designers will determine with you the list of your requirements and concept ideas. We have to settle some questions.

How are you going to use that space?

  • - is it a living space or a public space  ?
  • - will it be a matrimonial room or a guess room  ?
  • - would you like better a leather couch or a textile tapestry coach  ?
  • - the traffic will be intense or periodical  ?
  • - the hanging roof will be high or with gorge  ?
  • - the kitchen will also have a place for meal  ?

What style would you prefer ?

  • - contemporary minimalist  ?
  • - irish ?
  • - rustic / country, grandparent’s house  ?
  • - audacious perspectives ?
  • - Something different ?

After these discussions we will take the dimensions of the existing architecture and we will start the concept plans.

  • CONCEPT - the artistic part, full of flashes of inspiration, innovation, ingeniousness
  • PLANNING - the application of the concept, the fact of bringing the ideas into a possible context
  • 3D VIZUALIZATIONS - photorealistic images of the project
  • TEHNICAL DRAWINGS - existent plan; proposed plan; technical details and furniture dimensions
  • EXECUTION - the project turns into reality

  • LIVING AREAS: houses, apartments
  • COMMERCIAL AREAS: offices, shopping areas, show rooms, hotels, restaurants, coffee houses, refreshment bars, bars, clubs, malls